What does primal even mean?

It is instinct. It is nature.

Is is reaction. Is it choice.

It is emotion, sensation, transformation, evolution, and revolution.

Primal is about your health, and about your pleasure. Primal is about exploration of self and of community. Primal is a practice of curiosity, of vulnerability, and of boundaries. "Primal" is a word that is evolving all on its own through multiple communities ranging from fitness and nutrition, through relationship structures and conscious polyamory and kink, to spirituality and philosophical pursuits. There is no "one true way" to do primal, or to be primal.

Primal moves through the body, stirs the heart, and catalyzes the mind. Primal reminds us of where we come from and asks us to honor the earth and animals around us, our ancestors that live on through us, and our impact on those in the world with us now as well as future generations. Primal challenges us to accept the darker shadows of our traumas and the wounds we cause others, and reminds us to dance in the light once more. Primal is vicious. Primal is tender. Primal is joyful. Primal is animalistic. Primal is rooted in the spine, the throat, the gut, the groin. Primal echoes and reverberates through our bones and into our dreams.


Truly, primal is an universal raw human experience, which is inherently and powerfully individual. Every packmate, every pack leader, every primal being in our community is on an ongoing personal and communal journey to claim what primal means to them. Primal is willingness to embody and accept the many parts of yourself, and consciously creating a safer space to express a whole you. Primal is a rediscovery of being human. 

For more thoughts on primal experience and ethics, see Our Mission Statement