How to Support Us

Community Funding & Financial Accessibility

Current packmates, friends of members, or anyone who believes in supporting a primal community (even if it is not exactly "for them") may at any time choose to donate additional funds to support the program reaching those who would not otherwise be able to attend. This is one way that ensures FOX & FAE PRIMAL Education & Events are financially accessible to all, while remaining sustainable for the educators who create these spaces.

Some of us have resources that others don't. If you are someone who benefits from the primal material in this educational and community space, and have the ability to contribute additional funds to support future questioning humans, occasional packmates, and loyal primals facing a financial pinch, this is where you can make that donation.

Scholarship Community Funding

$20+ donation contributes to a single-event pass

$50+ donation covers one month of dues for a struggling  packmate

Want to support the efforts of Davey or Fox directly?
CashApp $MxDaveyFaye
Venmo @BridgerFox