Sadistic Primal & Ritual Craft

In realms of both spiritual practice and kinky ordeal, tools are intrinsic to our craft. Whether those tools are a perfectly balanced flogger, the underside of your boot, a fibrous skein of coconut, or the instant connectivity of hands to flesh whether they are symbols we draw in the sand or on skin, or honored spirits that inform our journeys we use tools to manifest sensation, dictate response, command energy, and provoke transformative change.

SP&RC (Sadistic Primal & Ritual Craft, pronounced like "spark to a flame") is an ongoing series of classes weaving together an educational path dedicated to sacred intent, energetic awareness, ethical foraging and hand-crafted tools. We invite you to whittle down your resources to only that which the natural world provides, and offer a landscape to develop specialized skillsets and explore the nuances of shamanic intent within sadistic play. There will be discussion around sacred and energetic techniques, historical context and cultural recognition, demo instruction and supervised hands-on practice, as well as reflective learning with peers about applications to power exchange and relationship dynamics rooted in both kink and spirituality.

These classes are of the woo but are invitational to all, cerebrally meant to incite curiosity, arouse primalism, and promote use of intuition so please attend with an open mind! All individuals walking a path through BDSM or spiritual practice may find opportunities for ecstasy, empowerment, self awareness, ordeal, transformation, or healing. Each class may be taken separately per your specific interests, but every installation will feed into the next, collectively developing a well-rounded education on sacred approach to a unique repertoire of tools. Join us for this intentive and intuitive journey into the world of naturalistic play, elemental energetic work, and consciously practiced craft!

JANUARY 12th Porcupine Quills: Pokey & Potent
The intrigue of a porcupine quill is palpable. Playing with these natural needles can be aesthetically beautiful, and sensationally intense. This class will teach you the practical skills of how to properly clean and prepare your quills, safely use them in scene, and aftercare techniques, as well as reflect on the historical use of quills across multiple cultures. We will hone in on how to include external and internal rhythms to amplify the experience, and examine how the physical structure and chemistry of quills changes the story arc of a scene, drawing out the physiological and psychological experience even when the quills have been removed. Finally, we will discuss how these tools can be applied beyond sensation or sadism, into performance, stationary art, meditation, and ritual ordeal.

FEBRUARY 9th Instruments: Musical & Magickal
As we ache for sunshine in the deep of winter, it is the shadow that dances with us and begs to play. Add a little light into your practice with the power of sound! Learn how to make your own rattles and drums using foraged objects and conscious craft supplies, and dive into a conversation about music as a communal instinct and a method of emotional storytelling. Listen to the rhythms in your body to unleash primal joy or trapped pains in the stillness of meditation or in consensual sadistic exchange. Somatic techniques will help curate skills for auditory play as well as how to balance (and manipulate) heartbeat and breath as intentional tools for ecstatic experience. Discuss urban applications for impromptu access to empowerment, and explore the potential of the human body as an instrument. Give yourself permission to feel expanded, loud, and alive, and take away skills and tools to complement the rhythms you already write in your connections with others and your rawest self.

MARCH 8th Human Canvas: Edible Inks & Feather Quills
This class will cover constructing your own feather quills for a a delicious, intuitive, and magical form of sensation play: human canvas ink art. Learn how to prepare your own colorful, sumptuous, even medicinal edible inks, with the intent to be used in combination with your newly crafted feather quills on a willing partner, partners, or yourself! Use this opportunity not only for sensation, but to employ our greatest tool the human body to create art, tap into your playful side, or manifest powerful symbols. Then, release the beast and primally devour (or lovingly lick off) these spells cast upon skin.

APRIL 12th Strike Me: Wands & Staffs
As seasons come and seasons go, plants sprout and grow and fall and die, just as animals or humans are born into life and eventually sleep. This month we will tune into the cycles of life and impermanence as organic providers for tools of power any time of the year, as well as tools readily used for pleasure and for pain. The potential of simple sticks and stones will be tapped into as well as a general conversation around objects of power both foraged and constructed. Take your play deeper by discussing how we can create items with intent and manifest personal meaning through the incorporation of the energies of fire, water, air, and earth. Physical impact and sensation play techniques with found natural tools (as well as preparation and safety concerns) will offer opportunities to explore how primal instincts can assist in both scene development and ritual practice. Leave class with your own natural wand crafted with potent charms and focused power.

MAY 10th To the Bone: Tools & Tricks
Bones are at the core of our being literally. These intricate internal cages continue to retain their power post mortem, as physical objects with incredible options for the application of sensation, channeling intent, and creation of tools. Explore the historical significance of bones as relics and divination tools, and make your own decisions as to what spirits may echo back into your awareness. Learn about species-specific shamanic qualities with hands-on access to a plethora of bones while soaking up a range of options for primal empowerment. Discuss ways to honorably claim the spiritual impact of a primal affiliation without perpetuating poisons of cultural appropriation, commodification, and erasure. Proper collection, cleaning techniques, and construction will be demonstrated, concluding in an introduction to bone carving for the incorporation of personal sigils in your sacred play.

JUNE 14th Bind Me: Rituals & Restraints
Many spells (and sadists alike!) are rooted in a mechanism of capture and control, whether with intention to link sacred power into objects, or the physical process of winding a twisted rope around our bodies. After a brief chat about historical rope bondage as well as modern construction and safety concerns, we will reveal options of local flora good for physically crafting binding mechanisms including hands-on education on constructing your own natural cordage. Learn how the act of creating your own rope, much like cleaning your own quills or blacking your boots, is a demonstration of service and intention (to your partner, or to your craft) and can be an entire scene unto itself. Methods of psychological restraint utilizing minimal contact to create control will also be discussed along with a more general conversation about the meaning of ritualism within consensual BDSM exchange, and how scenes are in many ways kinetic and connective spells. By the end of this class you will feel emboldened and empowered to take any toy and turn it into a ritual tool of power and sensation.


3-6pm @ Wicked Grounds Annex

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