Primal Movement, Mobility, Fitness, & Recovery with COACH FOX
Fox demos roundhouse with Ally at DO Surrender 2018. Photo by Michael Sundin

Photo by Michael Sundin featuring Ally Mora and Bridger Fox

Monthly/Weekly Group Events

& 1-on-1 Personal Training

Hone your limbs into precision striking tools, condition your body to withstand heavy impact, reconnect with instinctive movement, and turn on your beast mode! Experience time honored methods from traditional martial arts and sports combat for full-contact body conditioning.


Top, bottom, switch, primal predator or prey, will find exercises to prepare mind and body to deliver and receive kicks, knees, punches, and elbows with specificity and accuracy.  Connect to intuitive human animal movement on the ground and on your feet with grappling and throwing skills. Learn how to maintain and repair your body with corrective and mobility exercise.


Coach Fox brings over 30 years of training and teaching combat sports, traditional martial arts, self defense, and fitness to this monthly workshop focused on primal movement techniques, rough body play, and functional contact conditioning.

Monday Motivation & Movement

aka "Mmm with Fox"

Jump into your week with motivational meditation, shake off the stiffness, build strength, and improve endurance. Sessions begin with a centering meditation, warm up through mobility exercises, then dive into 30 minutes of heart pumping primal movement, martial arts drills, and functional fitness. As we catch our breath, the cool-down stretch is accompanied by affirmations and inspiration to help you take on your Monday and keep you going strong all week long.

Arrive on time for this 1 hour event with alternating topics and the motivation of getting sweaty with your pack. Suitable for all levels. Offered alternating mornings and evenings. Open to all monthly enrolled pack members, as well as non-packmates for $20, so invite a friend!