Primal Resilience

Manifesting Pack and Empowerment Amidst Pandemic



PACK NIGHT has served as a unique container for San Francisco Bay Area primals for years, and in this age where we as a species must fight a rise in valid fears, public panic, and raw human pain, facilitators Mx Davey Faye and Bridger Fox seek to make primal material available to the local AND international communities. PRIMAL RESILIENCE is focused on delivering hands-on remote education that can manifest empowerment, grounding, release, healing, and the joy of letting go of everything you should feel to make room for whatever wants to come out. All creatures, critters, and shape-shifting homo sapiens are invited to join. All humans seeking a space to be raw together come out and HOWL with us!

Class content will shift weekly but may include: somatic exercises in breath and posture, sound therapy, guided meditation, reflections on the current world reality, special features on survival skills and sometimes relevant science, physical exercises, shared screaming experiences, fun animal facts, and techniques for accessing your primal power throughout the new daily dystopian existence. This is a sex-positive and arousal-aware space that is committed to non-erotic exploration; please wear whatever makes you feel cozy or seen but keep it PG-13. Be aware that this could get LOUD so please consciously manage your personal space, public safety, and the informed consent of those around you.

Online events were made available as soon as San Francisco, CA entered Sheltered-In-Place protocols in March 2020, and have continued ever since. "Primal Resilience" remains an important element of the Pack as a once monthly theme to hold space for primal impacts from current world events and ongoing global vigilance in the face of Covid-19.

Photo by The Silence, Model: Davey Faye