Symbols for an Evolving Community


The Original "Primal Flag" of Pack Night


This was the first true visual symbol of the Pack Night primal community. While Pack Night or similar primal events hosted by Mx Davey Faye have been around for years (a handful of different locations in CA, some conventions, and solo events in NYC and Philadelphia), the need for a unifying flag was catalyzed when the Pack moved into the most recent physical venue, Wicked Grounds Annex, in March 2019. After much investigation, it was clear there was no symbol for the growing number of humans who were proud to be primal - no flag, no bandana, nothing to celebrate or represent. Early April 2019, Davey and Bridger Fox conceptualized what could represent the evolving Pack and primals in other communities too (what we could offer the world-wide primal movement) and after a night holed up with sketches and ideas, Fox created the original Pack Night Flag. Pack Night and the remote offering of Primal Resilience have continued to fluorish and find new pack mates under this banner, and it will always hold a special place in the heart and history of Fox & Faye primal education and events. The physical flag which was crafted with help from pack mates was finished and first presented to the Pack in November 2019. While traditionally flags are supposed to be officially "presented" at a larger in person event and the intention was to present it at the first ever International Mx Leather conference in September 2020, in the wake of Covid-19 Fox & Faye chose to formally offer and release the flag directly to the Pack Night community via an online event in July 2020 with the hope that others may now more freely share and celebrate this symbol.

Based on the BDSM flag and with respect for those originals, these are the meanings behind the stripes: BLACK is for leather and permanence; BLUE is for devotion, loyalty, and community; WHITE is for purity and innocence, but also a dedication to consensual safety for all (we also like to remind folx that we are all primal creatures "to the bone" and the white symbolizes those teeth and claws and bones that are the building blocks of our primal selves, no matter what fur or feathers or scales we individually relish). To this, we have replaced two (of four) blue stripes with BROWN to tune into the natural, raw, earth based primordial energies we imbue, and also recognize a dedication to inclusivity, of all races, and all identities. To the classic red heart which of course stood for love in the BDSM flag, we have added four claw marks. Originally the claw marks were inside the heart, but over time they have shifted to crossing from inside the heart to inside the other colored lines, see example of original flag pictured above next to two photos of the physical flag in different lighting). These four claw marks emote the concept of THE PRIMAL HEART four-fold: love of community (or humanity), love of family (or pack), love of self (or rather, dedication to self love and self work) and love of life (or, a dedication to acting with love for our earth).



The "Primal Heart" is the core of both of the primal flags, and we want this part to truly feel artistically accessible to all! In essence the Primal Heart is a heart with claw marks going through it - in the original flag, the heart is red, and there are four claw marks. We not only permit but encourage playfulness with discovering how your Primal Heart presents.  Many pack mates have chosen the Primal Heart as a personal symbol of identity, and place the pride flag colors that matter most to them inside the heart. The Primal Heart can appear with only three claw marks as well, claw marks all facing one direction, or with the fourth claw mark opposing, or with a second set of pride colors within the claw marks - all are options based on what feels "primally right" to each individual. These are two examples of Primal Hearts rendered by our dear pack mate Aya!


The Next Primal Flag...

This NEW design (soon to be posted) was created to offer a flag to represent the growing Primal community without being strictly linked to a BDSM path. Not all who are primal are kinky - we've said that from the beginning, and now we want to represent that with an alternative flag of pride and community we can wave that symbolizes a world-wide human calling to primal exploration and expression. 

The Upcoming

"Packmate Patch"

This patch will be revealed soon! The art is in collaboration with extended Pack family and it is important to us to honor their original sketches and input (back in October 2019 during the first Pack "Camp Out"). While originally long standing members would receive a "flag patch" we will be shifting to making this more animal-oriented patch available to anyone anywhere who chooses to identify as a Pack Mate.