We seek to explore the human experience, expand consciousness, and evolve our capacities through healing, sensorial exposure, personal discoveries, ordeal, ceremony, play, performance, and connection; we refuse limitations driven by systems of oppression, colonization, racism, ableism, greed, and shame.


We believe human rights include access to resources for survival, but also the right to experience consensual pleasure, including seeking transformation and release through pain, struggle, power play, primal play, and other role playing.  Play is essential to the human experience and imaginative play should not be limited to children. It’s healthy and freeing allowing one to have a richer life, gain therapeutic benefits, and build a caring community that can positively contribute to global concerns facing humanity and our home earth. Primal exploration is to release the dominance of upper neocortex and reconnect with the human animal that holds keys to who we really are apart from social norms and patterns that separate us from our powerful innate senses and instincts.

We seek to collectively create primal experiences that are welcoming to all, and able to offer opportunities for healing, community, and self discovery. In order to create a more dynamically engaged, internationally involved, evolving online community that will continue to explore all primal experiences we can access together, even while far apart, we have shifted to a monthly membership structure that includes access to a range of educational events, play opportunities, social spaces, community rituals, private forums, fitness exercises, and other remote offerings. We are called together to embody a Pack that is dedicated to accessibility for its attendees as well as sustainability for the presenters and moderators. We endeavor to question how we can be more inclusive at every step, and how to amplify the availability and financial accessibility of primal events to those most marginalized, knowing this is a never-ending learning curve.


As presenters, we commit to evolving with the needs of our pack, and vigilantly hold ourselves accountable as conscious leaders of an intentional community, aware of the privilege and power that brings. We will communicate with the Pack not just as leaders but as equals, with transparency, compassion, vulnerability, willingness to be called in, and resilience in commitment to be better, and learn to see what we do not know needs changing. As we invest in consistency and creativity in our programming, we eagerly greet the new wave of primals we have yet to meet, play with, and grow alongside.