How it Works & What it Costs

Monthly Membership Dues include access to all standard events, including:

Pack Night, Pack Nightlight, Primal Resilience, Primal Empowerment, MMM with Fox, social spaces, community rituals, and other special topics. Some advanced subjects, intensives, and non-primal content will be offered for a minimal additional fee.

Monthly Dues are Sliding Scale $40-150 (per month + per person)

includes 5-12events per month

These are not automatically recurring, you must pay fees monthly - that way you can adjust your payment level month to month to fit your budget, or take some time off (just in case"life" gets in the way). In the future, automatically recurring monthly subscriptions will be an option, but not a requirement. Monthly Newsletters will always provide a link to pay monthly dues along with a list of that month's events - additionally you can pay in advance through this website. Once monthly dues are paid, you will receive that month's Weekly Updates with Zoom Links, passwords, schedule alterations, special content, and announcements.


Want to try an event first?

PACK NIGHT, PACK NIGHTLIGHT, and MONDAY MOVEMENT & MOTIVATION are considered "onboarding events" and are available to the public at a flat rate entry of $20. If you decide you like it, you can complete enrollment that month for only $10 more, because we love to reward curiosity. This discount only applies after attending your first onboarding event. Anyone may choose to pay the flat rate entry of $20 for any of these events at any time if a monthly membership isn't right for them.

Take a look at our Calendar page to see if there's an upcoming event that's right for you!





Are there scholarships?

We strive to make our material accessible - physically, emotionally, and financially. Scholarships are available on a limited basis. Packmates (and others!) are able to donate outside of monthly dues to secure individual class scholarships or even anonymously pay for a month of dues for a primal in a tight spot! Current packmates will also have opportunities to earn Class Passes that they can share with friends who could most benefit from a taste of primal community. (Scholarships are limited to not more than two events per attendee, and not more than two months for any one packmate.)

If you have the means to contribute to our Scholarships, please check out How To Support