How do events work online?

All events begin with an accountability/consent/safety check-in and introductions before rolling into the subject matter of that event, such as a primal workout or a less structured social space. For core content "play" events like Pack Night, Pack Nightlight, and Primal Resilience, somatic exercises in sounds, postures, and connectivity lead to hands on primal movement drills - all of which are accessible or adaptable to be performed while on your bed, your floor, or even sitting at your desk.


While never required, we encourage participants to turn their audio and video on to be actively engaged with other packmates in creating a cacophony of primal sounds, visual physical interaction, and communally breaking down the barriers of our screens. We regularly remind attendees they can turn off their video, their microphones, or walk away from the screen whenever you need. Events are NEVER recorded and always password protected.


After hearts have been racing and minds activated, we use imagination and visualization to play games in our individual environments, manifest shared sensation experiences, and settle into a nesting meditation with shifting reflections on primal joy, pain, release, and stillness. Closing circles allow for integration of the event with your fellow packmates while slowly coming back into "human" headspace with reflections of our personal experiences and group affirmations, always with reminders to drink water and self-care until we next meet.

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