Who is this for?

Primal is for everyone - everyone who consciously consents with themselves to explore what it can mean on a personal level. You can be the most experienced primal person around, and maybe looking for a new intentional primal community to be a part of and remotely romp around with. Or, this could be your first ever primal event, and not even sure if it will be right for you - we eagerly encourage those who are curious to come try howling with us. 

We have a range of events that specify their intention and audience - including events that are kid-friendly (all others are age 18+) as well as other erotic-inclusive events (age 21+). You could be kinky - or not! While Pack Night origins are deeply tied to spaces within the BDSM world, FOX & FAE PRIMAL is a specifically "arousal-aware, sex-positive, non-erotic, not sex-active" safer space. That means unless an event specifies it is exploring eros, kink, or polyamory, those are not the focus. We aim to be a consciously ace/demi-friendly community space, as well as explicitly queer friendly, trans-friendly, dissociative-aware, and trauma-aware in all programs. By creating an arousal-aware space that is not erotic-centric, we are better able to manifest emotionally sensitive containers for the many intense experiences that can arise in a primal headspace, and further create an opportunity to relate to your own healing and connection with community. If your previous primal experience is mostly from purely hedonistic adventures, or personal erotic relationships, come on out and learn a new way of accessing natural human arousal without it being specifically bound to romantic or sexual attraction. You may be surprised with what you discover as other packmates have been!

You could be a fitness buff - or not! Both presenters have lived and trained experience working compassionately with a range of physical and mental limitations, injuries, and disabilities and are eager to adapt exercises as needed. Additionally, any part of an event that's not working for you, we lovingly encourage packmates to step away from and honor their "no" and even "I don't know" is always okay. Not sure primal is for you, that you "really are" primal, or uncertain about "letting go" into primal surrender, particularly in a group? That's okay too. We have small primals, BIG primals, extroverted shapeshifters, and quiet critters who are all valued members of the pack. Furries, therians, otherkin? You are all welcome here. Some primals identify with specific animals, some don't, and some change! 

Maybe you're uncertain if this will really "work" over an online format, and that we understand - we have been pioneering how to access a primal experience remotely since the first date of 2020's shelter-in-place, and we know we are still learning how to make it a more vital and accessible experience for folx with a range of communication styles, cultural lived experience, sensation needs, relationship structures, trauma experiences, doubts, and desires. There is no one way to do primal right. We won't take it personally if this isn't quite the fit for you - but we encourage everyone who thinks it could be right to give it a try.